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Photography and vedic philosophy

For me, taking pictures implies a kind of balance between the masculine and the feminine energy. To approach someone and to put a camera on their face is a risk, a slight aggression, because you are entering in their personal space to “steal their image”. So it requires assertiveness and determination, as much as tact, gentleness and subtlety.

The masculine side of it makes you trespass that boundary, you need to feel a strong desire to capture the beauty that you see (with the only goal and conviction that is a necessity to share this beauty, to spread it around). People is normally very guarded, you have to help them to open up. Photographers are mainly connective tissue, communicating vessels, pumps to activate metissage and flow in a society.

The feminine side needs to be open to receive what it is, as it is, like a mirror or the surface of a film roll. White and clean of all judgement, expectations or self centeredness, without projection or objections. And more importantly, you need to really pay attention, really listen, not only the words but also the energy and deep motives of the people that you are facing, to really tune in with them, to make them feel safe, seen, valuable.

You have to be truly you, and only you, experiencing the atmosphere of a place, since your unique point of view, rooted in your own vision, your deep soul. And yet, letting yourself be “possessed” by the supreme seer, getting into that zone where you let go of control and just flow with the scene. Not forgetting that you are just part of the bigger picture.

Taking photos of someone is a little like the dance between yin yang, blurring the limits between subject and object. Sometimes you have to move like a tiger to get closer, sometimes you have to give space, to clear the air and the frame, sometimes you just have to surrender to the incantation of the show. Sometimes you have to accept and be led, sometimes you have to see behind the veil of appearances to find the hidden dimensions, unknown for them.

I have learned uncountable lessons from the people I’ve photographed, i learned from their grace and from their pain. Photography has been for me the perfect excuse to get closer to reality, to be curious, to celebrate the multiplicity and diversity of the human beings, and to see with my own eyes the invisible but real link underneath it all. But more importantly, to be of use for the world, to be a channel of love.

I feel that we move in the world like we are reading a poem in a language that we do not understand: we read the letters, we hear the sounds, if we are lucky we manage to perceive some rhymes and rhythms… but mostly we don’t get what it means, what is saying…

In very rare occasions you find something or someone that helps you to get it and to get it right. That was for me the course of Vic Dicara on vedic philosophy. So a fragment of this course is the voice and the conductive line of this video.