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Die Zürchers



We stayed at the Zurcher’s for about three weeks. The first days were all about discovering their  universe:  just beside the road, hidden from the view, between two hills down by the river, a hidden paradise made of lovely people, hardworking people, tough, strong, resilient, creative, sensitive, educated, loving with their children, their trees, their animals, open with foreigners, searching something still, like the rest of us, the missing secret ingredient to a peaceful mind,  a contented heart.

I’m 40 years old, if I’m lucky I’m at the middle of my path here on earth, I should know things, I have been places, I had experiences… So how come the world keeps surprising me like I haven’t seen a thing ?  In a random conversation preparing dinner I asked her if he was her first love, she said no, so I supposed that he was her last, she said neither. The complexity of their relation unfold like a very well deliver plot. I was thrilled to discover what makes them so different, what makes it so difficult , what makes it so beautiful, that unique energy in the whole place,  the sense over the mess, the tsunami still on going.

A farm in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland turned out to be the center of the world: opening my eyes to new horizons in partnership, to diverse and unique ways of being together,  of evolving together.

Under beauty,  under any beauty, there is a  current of constant pain that sustains that beauty. Palm trees and white sunny beaches have mosquitoes at night, order and security in western civilization feel claustrophobic lacking the breath of life. Everything has a price on it, not because the universe is a mean motherfucker, it is just a matter of energy,  polarities and balance.

They would be the survivors in an end of the world scenario . They will be the heroes of a new world. So brave, so free, so ascetic, so driven, so powerful yet so vulnerable human creatures. Such a sharp trace. Such an uneasy mark. Such a distinctive nature. Such a myth,  die Zurchers.

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